Hosting MWACD

MWACD would not be successful without the support and dedication of our meeting hosts. If you are interested in hosting MWACD 2022, please submit your proposal via e-mail to or the form below by Friday, August 28, 2020.

Those who submit a proposal will be asked to prepare a no more than 5-minute presentation to be given to meeting attendees during the Annual Member Meeting held at the 2020 MWACD Annual Meeting.


Name *
Please provide the name of the individual who would act as meeting host and join the MWACD Organizing Committee.
Year(s) Interested in Hosting *
Include: - Potential meeting venues for plenary and breakout spaces with capacities - Potential logistical and financial support from hosting organization - Potential options for lodging (with per night cost estimate, if available) - Potential options for Opening Reception - Potential options for Core Facility Tours (or equivalent opening day activities)